What is a Prayer Summit?

The Meaning

The word ‘summit‘ has two meanings.  One is the ‘mountaintop’ where we go to meet God.  And the other is a meeting of top leaders (in this case, missionaries, pastors and evangelists).

Putting these two meanings together, we see that a Prayer Summit is where Christian workers (pastors, missionaries and evangelists) leave their place of service for a while to “go apart to pray”, meet God face-to-face and be led by His Word and His Spirit. It is for anyone in Christian service. So, bring along your fellow missionaries and Japanese pastors. All are welcome!

The Definition

“A prolonged, four-day, life-changing worship experience attended by a diversity of Christian leaders from a specific area or community, whose single purpose is to seek God, His kingdom and His righteousness, with the expectation that He will create and guide them through a humbling, healing, uniting process, which will lead them to unity of heart, mind and mission, and will qualify them for the blessing of God.”
Dr. Joe Aldrich, Founder of Prayer Summits

The Process

The flow of God’s grace begins with the fresh revelation of His holiness (by being in His presence). Holiness produces humility. Humility is the precursor of unity. When unity is present, the city-wide church can be a true community (koinonia). Where there is community, there is impact. It looks like this:
Holiness ⇒ Humility ⇒ Unity ⇒ Community ⇒ Impact

From “Reunitus” by Dr. Joe Aldrich, Founder of Prayer Summits

Don’t miss this opportunity for Christian workers in Japan to come together and seek the Lord’s Face together.

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